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FOTD: Mermaid Eyes and BH Cosmetics Eyes On The 80's Palette Review

Hello  Everyone! 

 My apologies for the missing pictures. My pictures were accidentally deleted off my blog. Please Refer to my Instagram account miss_pilar to view the pictures (or some of the pictures) that were deleted.  


So I finally got my hands on BH Cosmetics Eyes On The 80's Palette and I love it!


- The palette comes in hard cardboard with a magnetic closure


- Clear film covering to protect eyeshdows


- 30 Very Vibrant neon and a few neutral matte and shimmery colors.



-  Storage friendly

 Overall Thoughts

If you're looking for an alternate to UD Electric Palette I think this is a good palette to have in your collection. I originally planned to buy the UD Electric Palette, but that whole eye warning issue didn't set well with me. Maybe I'm just extra cautious, but I'm just as happy with this palette. ☺ I also got a 12 piece brush set that came along with it during a sale. This palette is very cost friendly.


The brush case smells like paint when you first receive it, but I washed it with dish detergent and a paper towel.  I let it sit open overnight and the paint smell was gone.


Fallout is minimal and the shadows are long lasting. 

I recommend using a primer with these shadows to get the full effect of the colors.

The shadows are in matte and shimmery finishes. For the shimmery shadows you don't have to use a whole lot for the colors to show. I actually used too much of the shimmery colors and I used NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk as a base...the result...I looked like I was going to Studio 54 or a member of the ice capades lol. I just had to redo the eye makeup and tone it down a bit, no worries lol

You can create all types of looks from retro, modern day, bold, and even soft etc. I'll try and post my softer look with this palette soon. This palette is very versatile. 

Now on to the FOTD ☺ 





Products Used


NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk I used this as a base on my lower lid
Side Note: you only have to use a little of this product for your eyeshadow to pop.

BH Cosmetics Eye's On The 80's Palette


 - Cream as a transition color
 - Neon green on tear duct. Neon Green on half of lid and crease
 -  Shimmery Mint Green on half of lid and crease
 - Black (slightly) on outer V. 
Clinque High Impact Waterproof Mascara 

Fashion Fair Concealer Stick
Fashion Fair Pressed Powder

MAC Snob (Satin)
NYX Lip Liner Edge Pink

Have you picked up this palette or going to add it to your collection?

Side Note: Today is National Best Friend's Day!!
I didn't realize that until this afternoon, but last week I invited my bestie over for a spaghetti dinner today, perfect timing!! Always glad to spend time with him!!♡♡


Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Aww, hope you and your bestie had fun Pilar!! This look you have created is great. I will be picking this up because I was also worried about the eye warning on the UD one. Thanks for the great post!

Jackie Harrison said...

You did an amazing job like how you added x to show which color you use from palette you look awesome doll. said...

I need a replacement of my colored palette as Rhys my (son) has destroyed it a while back

Leavepillow said...

this is very nice..can ve follow each other on G+ and facebook??do let me know I will definitely follow you back

A Very Sweet Blog said...

You wear colors well Pilar! That aqua blue looks gorgeous on you. Very nice pigmentation with the colors.

Unknown said...

I love all the colors in that palette!! I was also tempted to buy the UD electric palette but held back because I didn't think I would use it a ton. This would definitely be a great alternative for me. And lovely look you did!

Pilar said...

Thank you Margo! My bestie and I had did have a fun visit! When you get the palette, I hope you enjoy it! I agree that eye warning on the UD Electric palette had me worried too, that's why I didn't buy it. Like I mentioned in my post, this palette is a great alternative!

Pilar said...

Thank you Jackie! I'm trying to make it a habit to mark each color I use in my makeup tutorials for anyone wants to create the look or just want to know the colors I used.

Pilar said...

BH Cosmetics has plenty of colorful palettes to replace your broken palette!

Pilar said...

Thank you new visitor for stopping by! I'll go check out your blog!

Pilar said...

Thank you Kim! I was very pleased on pigmentation of the colors!

Pilar said...

Thank you Ashley! That's another point I agree with, I don't think I would have used the UD Electric palette a lot. I can see myself getting more use out of this palette. I love all the colors in this palette too!

Elle Sees said...

i lived through the 80s, so i'll pass on this one, but it's so cute and fun!!

Naturalle Drea said...

Cute pallet! And I like the look your created!

Marie said...

Pretty look! I don't blame you for not purchasing that Urban Decay Electric Palette because of the eye warning. This does look like a great alternative!

Pilar said...

Thanks Elle! I was born in the mid 80s, but when I use this palette I go for a modern day look lol

Pilar said...

Thank you Andrea!

Pilar said...

Thank you Marie! That eye warning didn't set well with me on the UD Electric Palette. I couldn't bring myself to purchase that. I'm very happy with this alternative!

willsingformakeup said...

This is a great palette! I'm not really interested in the new UD palette either.BH Cosmetics does such a good job with these themed palettes. I love the look you created. It's very cute and retro!
xoxo Lauren

Pilar said...

Thank you Lauren! I love BH Cosmetics! I tried to incorporate a retro look with a modern twist to it, so I didn't go too heavy on the eyeshadow.

Denise Lindsay said...

Wow those really are colours from the 80's! Very bright and bold. I have to say that those colours look amazing on you, it really suits you. Unfortunately if I used them I would look like I was going to an 80's a Fancy Dress Party :)

Pilar said...

Thank you Denise! This palette is so much fun to use! Lol to your fancy dress comment! I really like how I can add a modern day twist to creating makeup looks. Like mentioned in my post I had to redo my eye makeup bc I went a little to heavy on the eyeshadow! lol

Unknown said...

The shades in this palette are gorgeous and I love the look that you so soft and beautiful.

Keisha xo

Pilar said...

Thank you Keisha! This palette is really great!

Kristen said...

you look great. your eyes really pop with this eye shadow color. love that brush kit, even though I don't use half of those brushes.

Pilar said...

Thank you Kristen! These colors are definitely bright! I haven't used my brush kit that much since I just got it, but I'm sure they'll get good use!

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