Sunday, August 26, 2018

My Life in August 2018

Hello Everyone!

August has been a pretty good month. I feel like I got a lot of things done, and I'm starting to feel better emotionally. See Counseling Post If you've been following my posts this month, you've seen my Fall Preview Posts for 2018. They're so many wonderful Fall products displayed in stores! It's hard to believe that Fall is let's than one month away!


Some of the foods I've been eating for breakfast this month.

Cheese grits and eggs.  

Homemade chicken pot pie 

I shared this picture last month, but August 10th was National S'mores Day!

Why haven't I tried these popsicles before now?! They're so good!

At 60 calories per popsicle, no complaints here. These popsicles are made with real fruit or fruit juice. 

These are pretty good as well.

The slender popsicles are only 40 calories. 

At Lowes 

Tiffany & CO Inspired Box Cake 

Thank You!

Thanks to my awesome best friend for these goodies from Bath & Body Works! He's so sweet! 💙💙 


Did you hear?! Urban Decay is Discontinuing their original Naked Palette! This is the palette that started my obsession with Urban Decay Eyeshadow! You can get this palette for half the price now $27.00

Sneak Peak

I started working on my Bath & Body Works Fall Haul for next month :)

Starting Fall decorating!

Seriously??? Lol No I didn't get any Christmas Items

Good morning

Beautiful Summer Day

Sometimes I enjoy a rainy day. 

More Fall 2018 Previews from Michael's 

I took these pictures last minute, and instead of doing another Fall Previews post, I added them to my August Lifestyle Post

Michael's has a lot of great Fall items this year!

Farmhouse style

Fall decor

So much Fall goodness!

As you can see I didn't post any selfies. To be honest, I just wasn't in a selfie taking mood this month. I plan on creating a few new makeup looks soon! Also I didnt want to be repetitive, so I linked my Fall Previews 2018 below!

August 2018 Posts

Yankee Candle Fall Preview 2018

Fall's Coming!

Morning Walks

Dollar Tree Pre Fall Haul

Aromatherapy Sleep: Lavender & Vanilla Body Wash & Foam Bath and Lotion

Violet and Lavender Eye Makeup

Halloween Preview 2018

Lowes Foods

Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanser and Psorzema Cream

Summer in South Carolina 

July 2018 Posts

Happy 5th Blogiversary to Beauty and More by Pilar!

Bath & Body Works Fall Preview 2018


Andrea said...

Looks like it was a very good month for you!! Love all of the food pictures!! :P

Have a great Sunday!


Seize your Style

Midnight Cowgirl said...

That homemade chicken pot pie looks really good!

Pilar said...

Thanks Andrea!

Pilar said...

Thanks Ashley!

LoveT. said...

Really nice Items, especially the big Tiffany Box Cake.
The Naked Palette works good, i love the Shades.
Great Haul and Goodies for your best Friend Pilar. :)

lovely Greetings, have a awesome Start in the new Week <3

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

LianaLaurie said...

Beautiful photos, dear! The Tiffany inspired cake looks amazing!!

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

The homemade chicken pot pie looks delicious and I love Naked palette <3

Have a nice day <3
Kisses <3
New post:

Red Rose Alley said...

That is a pretty candle holder from Bath and Body Works. The chicken pot pie looks so Yummy, Pilar. I see you are getting ready to decorate for Fall. I wonder if we have those popsicles here? And CORN FLAKES! I will forever love this cereal, as my mom always bought the wholesome cereals, Corn Flakes and Cheerios growing up. I still eat them to this day. You had a lovely August, Pilar.


Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute items darling

Marie said...

It sounds like you had a good month Pilar! I can't believe UD is discontinuing the Original Naked Palette!

Susie said...

Pilar, I just hate when I find something I love the company will stop making it. I have been mad at myself, that I didn't buy two or three pairs of the same shoes before. LOL. I loved all your cute things. I have not been to a Michael's store in forever. But today as I was in Kohl's they had tons of things for fall. I got a shirt on sale and gift card for my granddaughter. Blessings to you sweetie, xoxo, Susie

Doctor Anne said...

I am not ready for fall and fall decorations yet, I am currently enjoying a beach holiday and hang on to summer as long as I can.

Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

It's great that you had a productive August and even better to hear that you're feeling better emotionally Pilar. I hope it just keeps getting better from here :)

Pilar said...

Thanks T! I'm still not over UD discontinuing the Original Naked Palette! It's a wonderful palette! I appreciate my best friend getting me those gifts! I hope you're having a great week!

Pilar said...

Thanks! You have a great week too!

Pilar said...

Thanks Liana!

Pilar said...

Thanks Rakhshanda! Have a great week!

Pilar said...

Thanks Sheri! I did start a little Fall decorating last week! I love those candle holders. Those were my free gifts from Bath & Body Works! I'm thinking I'll use them for Winter/Christmas. They're so pretty! I love Corn Flakes too! I'll eat a few select sugary cereals, but I typically go for wholesome cereals. August has been a pretty good month! Positive vibes for a lovely September!

Pilar said...

Thanks Sakuranko!

Pilar said...

I did have a good month! Looking forward to a good Septemeber! I'm speaking good things into existence! I can't believe their discontinuing the Original Naked Palette either!

Pilar said...

I don't get it because the Original Naked Palette is so popular. I consider it a classic! I will miss It! I would like to get a back up while it's currently on sale. Hopefully I can grab another one! I'm sure it will sell out fast as it is being discontinued! I like Michael's, but the prices for some of the items are a little pricey. I love those 40% off discounts! I haven't been to Kohl's in over a year, but I saw they had great sales over the past few weeks online! Blessings to you as well!

Pilar said...

I'm glad your enjoying your beach holiday Anne! I'm still embracing Summer. I will miss the long Summer days of sunlight, but I won't miss this heat and humidity! lol

Pilar said...

Thanks for the kind words Rowena! I hoping it keeps getting better from here too! I'm glad that I'm starting to feel better!

Anonymous said...

Nice recap!

Pilar said...


nerline said...

August was a very busy month for me. I had 3 birthdays + my wedding anniversary. It looks like you had a busy month, too. Enjoy your weekend!

Pilar said...

I saw some of your stories on IG! I hope everyone had great birthdays, and happy anniversary! Wishing you and you husband many more years of happiness! Enjoy your weekend as well!

Kristen Alpert said...

Love the post and the pics. Love the eye shadow can't believe they are discontinuing it. I will have to go and see about getting it bc I wear brown eye shadow the most.

Pilar said...

I know I really love the Original Naked Palette! It's still on sale for $27.00!

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