Sunday, December 23, 2018

Downtown Christmas Lights 2018

Hello Everyone!

Christmas/My Birthday is almost here! Can you believe it's already December 23rd? Last year I didn't get a chance to create content for a Christmas lights post, but this year I wanted to focus on the Christmas lights downtown. Downtown stays busy during the holidays so I had to take some of the pictures over the course of two days when it was less crowded hence why you're seeing night and early morning photos.

One of the shops downtown 

South Carolina State House

I'm not trying to be negative, and no disrespect to the decorators, but I don't really like the State tree this year. Up close the tree looks like ornaments and lights were just thrown together. At least it looks better at night from a distance lol.

I wish I could've took this photo at night along with some of my other pictures because the lights look so beautiful on the tree.

I thought this tree looked unique

Red light bell

The trees downtown are decorated so pretty with lights

By far this is my favorite picture of lights. I'm so glad I had a chance to capture this image at night!

Seriously how gorgeous is this light ornament?!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season, and those that celebrate a Merry Christmas! I will probably take a few days off to enjoy on my birthday on Christmas, but I will try to get one more post up before the new year! Also don't forget to checkout my previous post, How do I Celebrate My Birthday on Christmas?

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R.ChamberofBeauty said...

I love these beautiful decorations of the Christmas, Hope you are enjoying the holidays <3
Have a happy Monday <3
Love <3

Doctor Anne said...

Enjoy Christmas/ your birthday! The light ornament is truly beautiful.

Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

Beauty Unearthly said...

Great photos! Wish you all the best! xx

Marie said...

That light ornament is beautiful! You took lovely pictures! Merry Christmas Eve!

Paola Lauretano said...

So many beautiful decorations!
Happy Holidays, doll!
Kisses, Paola.


ALLIE NYC said...

Well Happy Birthday! This is a great display. That is one of my favorite things about Christmas. How festive everything looks

Allie of

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lights! Merry Christmas Eve, and Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Draffin Bears said...

Happy belated birthday and hope you have a merry Christmas.
Thank you for sharing the wonderful decorations.

hotsprice said...

Merry Christmas

Nice article and great information thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Kinga K. said...

Incredible Christmas climate ❤

Melanfolia said...

Merry Christmas Pilar and I'm wishing you all the best in the new year <3

Lots of love ♥ January Girl

Red Rose Alley said...

There's something so magical about the Christmas lights downtown. I'm glad you got a chance to experience it. I didn't get a chance to go downtown at night and see them all lit up. I love how the trees have strands of lights wrapped around them. That lit up ornament is grand and beautiful. I think it's just as nice to see the lights in the early morning also, when it's still dark out. : )


Pilar said...

Thanks Rakhshanda! Happy Holidays!

Pilar said...

Thanks Anne! The light ornament is my favorite light attraction downtown!

Pilar said...

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Pilar said...

Thanks Marie! Happy Holidays!

Pilar said...

Thanks Paola! Happy Holidays!

Pilar said...

Thanks Alicia! The lights are so pretty at Christmastime!

Pilar said...

Thank you!

Pilar said...

Thanks Carolyn, but you have the day right. My birthday is on Christmas, so the birthday wishes aren't belated :)

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

I agree. It was festive downtown.

Pilar said...

Thanks Liz! I wish you all the best for 2019 as well!

Pilar said...

I agree! I didn't like some of the decorations downtown, but it's still a magical experience to see all the lights. I've enjoyed going to see the lights since I was little. Since it was so busy downtown, I decided to go take some pictures early in the morning so I can get a few more images.

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