Sunday, September 20, 2020

Healthy Nail Care Routine

Hello Everyone!

I started my healthy nail journey in April 2020. You may remember in 2014 I grew my nails long. I love how my nails looked then, but they weren't very healthy. My nails felt brittle and they would break. It was so frustrating that I just cut them short. Since 2014 I have grown my nail meduim length, but once again my nails weren't very healthy. Last year I found out I had severe nutrient deficiencies (iron Deficiency Anemia and B12 Deficiency) that began causing issues with my nails and brittle hair among other issues.

April 2020

September 2020

This is my nail growth from April 2020 until September 2020 and I just trimmed and shaped my nails. I've never had problems growing nails, but keeping them healthy is another story.

I've been taking iron pills since last Summer. I take them as much as my body will tolerate these pills. Iron doesn't agree with everyone and unfortunately I'm one of those people that iron pills can make me sick. I usually take an iron pill before bed with a small snack. Sometimes it helps and other times the iron pills make me sick. 

September 2020

I can tell the iron pills help because my nails and hair look better and healthier. In addition to taking iron pills. I also take B12 Vitamins that were prescribed by my doctor. You can find both iron pills and B12 vitamins in your local pharmacy etc. Check with your doctor before taking any new medications.

My Nail Care Products

These are my holy grail products I use

Please don't chip off the nail polish on your nails. When you do that your striping your nails and possibly making them weaker. I use nail polish remover to clean my nails or remove nail polish. Then I wash my hands

I give my nails a trim and shape them. Please don't cut your nail down to match the size of your other nails (I mean unless you just want to cut them) when I break a nail, depending on the breakage I'll give my other nails a trim and reshaping to tidy them up. It can be challenging to grow your nails all the same size.

September 2020

- Push back your cuticles
You can find cuticle pushers at Walmart, Target etc.
- For a naked manicure, first I use a nail growth and strengthener 

- I let that dry completely and then I add a clear base

- Don't forget to oil your nails and cuticles daily

- After my nails are fully dry, I add a hand serum to keep my hands moisturized. Your should care for your hands just as you care about your nails. 

To Achieve more of an at home nail salon experience that also keeps your nails healthy, check out Self Care: At Home Manicure feat. Zoya Gelie-Cure

In a recent CVS Box for their Epic Beauty Event (until September 26th), I received these Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nail Gummies. I've been taking them for about a week. I haven't noticed any breakage of my nails. So far so good. I haven't had any issues with these vitamins, but check with your doctor before taking these vitamins.

September 2020

I hope that my healthy nail care routine helps! How do you keep your nails healthy?


Marianela Beauty Tips said...

Perfect nail routine. Very complete. Thanks for sharing.
I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!

Mellie said...

I take those vitamins too.

Martyna said...

You have beautiful nauka:)

Tanza Erlambang said...

B12 sounds a good vitamin ...Good luck.

Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Nice nail routine!

Anonymous said...

Love it and your nails look amazing!!!!Great products too!Very inspiring!

Marisa Cavaleiro said...

Thanks for sharing your nails routine Pilar!!

The world of a vet said...

Wow, great result!

The World Of A Vet

Paola Lauretano said...

Thanks for sharing your tips!
Kisses, Paola.


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Marie said...

Your nails are so pretty! Thanks for sharing your nail routine Pilar!

Pilar said...

Thank you, and you're welcome Marianela!

Pilar said...

These vitamins are working well so far!

Pilar said...

Thank you Martyna!

Pilar said...

Thank you Tanza!

Pilar said...

Thank you!

Pilar said...

Thank you!

Pilar said...

You're welcome Marisa!

Pilar said...

Thank you Stefania!

Pilar said...

Thank you Paola, and you're welcome!

Pilar said...

Thank you Marie, and you're welcome!

nerline said...

Your nails look absolutely beautiful, Pilar. I like your routine. I am taking B12 and iron too. Now I am going to start trimming to see if it makes a difference in my nails.

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