Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July Favorites 2015

Hello Everyone! 


It's been forever since I posted a monthly  favorites post! I don't even think I've done one for this year. I guess I don't write many monthly favorites post since a lot of my favorites stay the same lol.

1. Bath and Body Works American Apple 3 Wick Candle

I love this candle it smells like a fresh crisp sweet apple and the throw is amazing!

2. Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash 

The heat and humidity has really made my skin dry this Summer, so instead of using Dove Bar Soap, I switched back to the body wash for extra moisture. Problem solved! I don't know why I'm just finding out about this 34 oz bottle of body wash. I didn't know Dove made body wash in this size!

3. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula 

Along with dry skin, I was having slight issues with the Eczema on my elbows. Thankfully I don't have Eczema too bad, but Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula helped eliminate the dryness on my elbows and soothe them at the same time. Another problem solved!

4. Missy Lynn Eyeshadow & Baked Highlighter Palette 

This palette has so many gorgeous colors and it's perfect for Summer!

5. Evian Facial Spray

This is a good spray to use when refreshing makeup or if you just want to refresh your face as part of your beauty regimen.

What were some of your favorites for July?

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Jackie Harrison said...

I use evian when I travel since the flight makes my face dry and love it is my go to product. Great items.

Marie said...

Nice favorites list!

Unknown said...

That palette is so gorgeous! I need a big bottle of body wash like that, mine always run out so fast!! Great favorites Pilar! I find my favorites dont change too much either but I still do the posts because Sometines I don't know what else to do or I don't have any other ideas at the time. I might do seasonal favorites instead!

willsingformakeup said...

Many of my favorites stay the same from month to month too. The palette is so pretty. It looks perfect for summer neutrals.

Pilar said...

I never traveled by plane, but I hear that hydration is key to prevent breakouts and dryness on your face.

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Thanks! I definitely recommend getting the 34 oz Dove Body Wash, you'll get your money's worth! That's a good idea to write a seasonal favorites. I know that I usually include a yearly favorites at the end of December.

Pilar said...

Thanks! I'm glad I decided to get the Missy Lynn Palette! I love the colors, and I think the gold shades would look gorgeous around the holiday season!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I've never tried Evian Facial Sprays! Must do so. I love BBW candles. Can't wait for their holiday selection. That eyeshadow palette is so pretty. Love the colors.

Pilar said...

I tried Evian Facial Spray for the first time back in December and I've loved it ever since! I'm looking forward to BABW holiday candles too!

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