Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bath and Body Works Holiday Haul 2015 Collaboration

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my 300th post! It's my favorite time of year! Christmas is almost here! Now with all that being said, I bring you another Bath and Body Works Collaboration Haul with my good friend Ashley! Today's haul will focus on holiday items! Side note, this is more of a collective haul over the past two months. I didn't get all these items at one time lol!

Honestly this is my favorite time of year to shop at Bath and Body Works because of the holiday candles and hand soap soaps. I just think they smell amazing!

1. Gentle Foaming Hand Orchard Frost

Bath and Body Works Description: The sparkling scent of frosted apples & winter sunlight

My Thoughts: This hand soap smells like a frozen apple. I'm not to sure of the other scent I smell though lol, but whatever it is the scent smells really nice.

2. Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Snow Kissed Citrus

Bath and Body Works Description: A cold-weather refreshment of sugary winter lemons

My Thoughts: This hand wash smells so good! I smell more of a lemon lime Kool-Aid scent. This is a sweet scented hand wash without being too overpowering.

3. Gentle Foaming Hand Merry Cookie

Bath and Body Works Description: Indulge in the scent of buttery sugar cookies iced with vanilla bourbon frosting

My Thoughts: This soap smells nice. I just thought that this hand soap would smell sweeter. It smells like vanilla cookies, but I wish the hand soap smelled more like the Merry Cookie candle.

 4. Merry Cookie 3-Wick Candle

Bath and Body Works Description: Celebrate warm Christmas memories with the scent of classic holiday cookies made from vanilla, butter & sparkling sugar

My Thoughts: This candle smells just like warm sugary vanilla cookies baking. This candle's sent  fills up my house quickly and the throw is strong.  I can't get enough of this candle. I'm so glad I was able to get the last two Merry Cookie candles at my BABW store!

5. Gentle Foaming Hand Frosted Cranberry and Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Bath and Body Works Description: A cool treat of frosted cranberries sprinkled with iced peach

My Thoughts: I absolutely love this scent! I smell everything that was mentioned in the BABW description. I love the sweet cranberry and peach scent of these hand soaps. After I wash my hands the scent lasts for hours!

6. Frosted Cranberry 3 Wick Candle

Bath and Body Works Description: The year's first frost captured in white cranberry, juicy peach & ripe red raspberries

My Thoughts: I really can't tell a difference between the Frosted Cranberry candles and hand soaps since both smell like sweet cranberries and peaches! This scent is perfect for the holidays and all throughout the year!

7. Marshmallow Fireside 3-Wick Candle

Bath and Body Works Description: A sweet end to a cold day – toasted marshmallows and sumptuous vanilla cream blend into the comforting aroma of rich smoldering wood

My Thoughts:  I have to agree with BABW description because I typically burn this candle when it's cool outside and at night time. I love how this candle has semi sweet vanilla smell, but also a cologne scent without being too masculine scented. I picked these Marshmallow Fireside candles in October and they were the last two left. I see why this candle is so popular it smells really good! I'm starting to notice that it seems like I get that last two of certain candles from BABW lol

8. Buttercream Frosting 3-Wick Candle

Bath and Body Works Description: The mouthwatering fragrance of fluffy buttercream frosting on a rich vanilla cupcake

My Thoughts: I picked up a few of these candles back in September when Ashley and I did our last candle collaboration. Here is what I wrote: This candle smells so good! It reminds me of my mama's homemade buttercream frosting and now I want a piece of cake! It smells more of a fluffy buttercream scent with hints of vanilla in the throw. This candle is similar to Vanilla Bean Marshmallow except (in my opinion) I think the Buttercream Icing smells better I burned this candle the other day, and  my house smells like a bakery full of sweet buttercream within 30 minutes! Even though this candle fills my house, I wish the throw was stronger. To check out the last candle collaboration post, CLICK HERE

Have you picked up any Christmas/Holiday hand soaps, candles, etc? If so what did you select? Don't forget to check out my friend Ashley's post to see what holiday/Christmas items she selected from Bath and Body Works. You can check out her blog

Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

You got so many good things Pilar!! I totally wish I would have got one of th buttercream candles. I almost got this one called vinalla peppermint marshmallow and smelled amazing. I did one of the snow kissed citrus soaps and I have to agree with you on the scent lol!!

Jackie Harrison said...

So many goodies for the holiday I do love their candles.

Marie said...

Nice collection! Frosted Cranberry is my favorite candle and the Frosted Cranberry hand soap smells good too!

Becky said...

Wow, such a big haul! I'll have to check out marshmallow fireside - I had a nearly burnt marshmallow the other day in my dessert and it was surprisingly really good! So now I'm all obsessed about those marshmallows, haha. Sunkissed citrus sounds like it'd smell so good!

becky ♡ star violet

FelyM said...

very nice collection..all these products are a perfect gift idea

Anonymous said...

What a lovely haul!

Shireen L. Platt said...

Oh wow, 300 posts, that's massive, Pilar! I was just saying in Ashley's post, I sniffed a few of these candles when I was at the store last weekend but none really appealed to me. I guess I am fussier about candles than I thought. LOL!

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Naturalle Drea said...

I love Marshmallow Fireside! Its one of my favorites! Yay for 300 post!


Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

What an amazing haul Pilar!!! :) This is my favorite time of year as well.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I need to run and get Merry Cookie! HaHaHa I love baking scents. You picked up some good ones. I love Buttercream Frosting. Great Haul!

Pilar said...

Thanks Ashley! I really like the Buttercream Icing candle, but I wonder if I got a bad candle because one the candles I purchased isn't a strong as the rest. I hear Vanilla Peppermint Marshmallow is popular candle! I need to check it out next time I'm in the store!

Pilar said...

Thanks! BABW candles are my favorite candles to buy!

Pilar said...

Thanks Marie! I wish Frosted Cranberry was available all year!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I didn't think I would like Marshmallow Fireside, but it's one of my favorite scents! I see why so many people love this candle! It's perfect for burning on a cold day or night!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I think candles make perfect gifts!

Pilar said...


Unknown said...

I feel like some of the ones I got aren't as strong as they usually are too

Pilar said...

Thanks Shireen! I'm picky when it comes to scents. If I don't like a scent, my feelings are probably not going to change lol! Some of BABW candles smell really great and then there are the ones I dont like that I'll stay far away from in the store!

Pilar said...

Thanks Andrea!

Pilar said...

Thanks Margo!

Pilar said...

Thanks Kim! Yes run and get Merry Cookie, well at least the candle lol. I'm thinking hard about returning the Merry Cookie hand soap. I thought it would smell sweet like the candle, but to me it just smells too strong and nothing like a cookie!

Pilar said...

I don't know what that's all about! I wish they make all the candles throws equally! Oh btw, thanks for letting me know that candle you purchased is more of a strong cinnamon scent versus the sweet cinnamon scent I was looking for. I was so sad they didn't bring back Cinnamon Frosting this season. It smells just like apples and cinnamon oatmeal to me!

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