Thursday, November 29, 2018

My Life in November 2018

Hello Everyone!

It's time for another monthly post! Can you believe December is almost here? November was a busy month with preparing for the holidays in addition to daily life.

Thanksgiving makeup

I received so much love for these photos! I guess green is an acceptable color for Thanksgiving! 

Makeup Free

I started November at South Carolina ENT (ears, nose, throat) for my initial doctors appointment. I still have to go back for allergy testing to try and determine what is causing my allergy and sinus issues. Fingers crossed!

On this night it was so cold, and I made a cup of hot chocolate.

I'm going to miss the Fall decor

Always Thankful 

Pre Black Friday Haul 

Chick Fil A after doing a little pre black Friday shopping

Thanksgiving Grocery shopping

Sweet potato pie in the making

I love my mama's sweet potato pie! Thankgsgiving was nice. I forgot to take any pictures of dinner lol.

Until next year Fall decor

Some of the Christmas Decorations I started taking out the storage room outside.

Organic Red potatoes with garlic, herb, and parmesan seasoning 

Mini Skincare Haul. Thanks to Tree Hut and Summers Eve for sending the products! This body scrub from Tree Hut smells so good! If you read my blog you know that I love Tree Hut's skincare products, especially their scrubs. Summers Eve also sent over a new feminine wash, and smells amazing! A soft citrus fruity scent. I know there has been some issues with the concern of PH Balance being affected. This feminine wash is pH balanced and free of any dyes or parbens.

Thanks Derma E for the skincare goodies! I've already written a review for Radiant Toner, which I love by the way! Here's the link for that

I've been using the Sage and Lavender Face Oil for the past week and it's been working well on my skin. It's been so cold here this week and this oil keeps my skin moisturized and rejuvenated. I know lavender has great benefits for the skin, but I'm new to using the Sage. Both scents mixed together makes a wonderful scented face oil! Derma E products always keeps my skin looking and feeling healthy

It kinda makes me feel a certain way that one of the Mall's in my city is virtually empty. Sure they have a few stores left, but it just seems so empty. I really love this Mall at Christmas time because it's so pretty. The weekend before Thanksgiving I was there and took this picture. I'm glad that this Mall still has beauriful decorations for the holiday season. 

Picking up a few essentials at Target.

I'm getting started a little later than normal. The plan was to at least have the Tree up (not decorated) before Thanksgiving week, but I was so busy last week! I started decorating on Nov. 28th

Wishing everyone a very happy and magical December!

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nerline said...

Your months are always filled with beautiful things and yummy foods, Pilar. Keep us updated on the allergy and sinus problems. I think I am allergic to something too. I have sinus issues and I feel weird when I eat wheat. Great post doll!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

Anonymous said...

Nice recap!

Lisa said...

Your just as cute as a button even without make up! Yea, I had lots of left overs too. Now time for cookie baking!

Doctor Anne said...

We will only start decorating today, in December 1st, and put away the fall decorations. Oh, and we will start baking cookies today!

Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

Ann said...

Based on these pics
your November looks amazing, spent really well.


Jackie Harrison said...

Nice recap keep us updated on the Sage and Lavender oil the mixture of those two ingredients sounds interesting to see results on.

Adriana Leandro said...

I love your makeup.
Your tree is adorable.

LoveT. said...

Looks like a great Month! I love your Decoration <3

Happy 1.December, kisses

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Hope the ENT is able to help you!

Marie said...

I hope the ENT will be able to help you! Other than the allergy issues, it looks like you had a nice November!

Pilar said...

Thanks Nerline! I will keep you all posted about the ENT. I'm supposed to go back at the end of the month. Hopefully I will have answers and relief for my sinus and allergies issues! I hope you find out what's causing your allegies!

Pilar said...

Thanks. Have a great week!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Thanks Lisa! I love to bake cookies for the holidays!

Pilar said...

I like to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I started a little late. I haven't started baking cookies yet, but I did make cinnamon rolls over the weekend!

Pilar said...

November was a pretty good month! I'm always thankful and count my blessings!

Pilar said...

Thanks Jackie! I've been using the Sage and Lavender Facial Oil for a few weeks and it works well. My skin feels moisturized without feeling greasy.The weather here has been so cold and this oil helps with moisturize.

Pilar said...

Thanks Adriana!

Pilar said...

Thanks T! Happy December!

Pilar said...

Thanks Ashley! I hope so too! I'm remaining optimistic!

Pilar said...

Thanks Marie!

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